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Device Manager

Unified platform to connect, manage and remotely access your secured fleet of tablets, GPS trackers, Dashcams and other IoT devices.

  • Big Savings, Better Network

    Straight-forward pricing on the nation's largest and most reliable network.

  • Data Management

    Tools to manage data, get alerts and even auto-suspend to prevent overages.

  • Telematics

    Get all your truck data in real-time and be notified of any issues immediately.

  • Dashcams

    Stream in real-time and ensure you always have proof of what happened.


All the devices you need.

To ensure uninterrupted connectivity, we rely on nation’s largest and most reliable LTE network: Verizon.


Your tablets – your rules.

Tablets come with pre-installed Mobile Device Management to prevent non-business essential app and data usage.

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    Device Management

    Your tablets, your rules.

  • 2

    Remote Access

    Provide support or coach drivers, anytime, anywhere.

  • 3

    Quick Deployment

    All devices come fully secure and field ready.

  • 4

    Data Wipe

    Remotely wipe data in case of loss or theft.


Certified Devices

Largest selection of certified Verizon devices.

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Everything you need for work, all in one place.

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