We must be doing something right.

Trucking company with no employees. Cutting-edge ecosystem with no investors.



Enabling our peers to realize their full potential and profitability through intuitive ecosystem of cutting-edge software, curated solutions and services covering every aspect of the business.

A bit of our history

Key events and features released over the years.

  • 2003

    3MD, Inc.

    Dad started a company to dispatch himself as owner operator.

  • 2012

    Fleet Expansion

    Sons started expanding the fleet and quickly realized most daily activities can be automated.

  • 2014

    TMS 1.0

    Built in house to automate all processes and allow us to grow our fleet exponentially.

  • 2016

    Fuel Cards

    We partnered with EFS to launch our own fuel card in order to build out proprietary systems to save where it matters most.

  • 2017

    3MD ELD

    We became a certified ELD provided and grew exponentially over the following years to become a nationally recognized brand.

  • 2022

    Trucking Hub

    Our efforts over the last decade brought into a single platform to make trucking incredibly easy.

Our Values

Our values are strongly based on integrity, respect and responsibility.

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    Happy Customers

    1,000+ happy customers manage and grow their business with us.

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    Amazing Products

    Dedication to each and every product we release is unparalleled.

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    Flexible Work

    Flexible working hours - remote work and hybrid combined.

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    Professional Advancement

    Yearly plan, continuous coaching and annual spend for learning.

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    Everyday Essentials

    Cutting-edge equipment, standing desks, modern office.

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    Our people are dedicated, proactive and lifelong learners.

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